Smart Casual Dress Code for a Casual Occasion

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Dress code is the must worn dress by people in such an occasion. When the host invites their guest invitation, ordinary, they attach what kind of dress that should be worn by the guest invitation. I think that using dress code for the occasion can make some suits atmosphere with theme of event. Dress code also can make all of people on the event can feel close and warm. One of dress code which is often become requirement of the men’s event is smart casual dress code. Actually, smart casual is almost suitable in all of event like cocktail party, garden party, barbeque party, etc.

Smart casual dress code is can be worn among men and women. But actually, men are still the right and perfect person who wear casual attire. Why? Because, the word “casual” is almost always attach in men’s appearance. Look smart and casual at the same time is a requirement for the real men moreover when meet many people in a special occasion. With the perfect smart casual dress code, a man will look so charming and gorgeous. For example, man with soft cotton shirt, trousers with pastel color, and an ankle boots is can make a man look stylist and smart.

Smart Casual Dress Code for Men

Smart Casual Dress Code for Dinner

Mixing and matching is still the important key to make your smart casual dress code look perfect. Use some pastels color, because it can make you look gorgeous with some kind of simplicity. If needed, folding your arm’s shirt for make casual looks. Surely, wear smart casual dress code is worthless if you not smart enough to bring self in any way you talk, you treating someone, or make some joke. Just keep to respect yourself and other people to add some good impression and good attitude.