Secrets that your favorite shoes reveal about you!

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High heels:

You know very well that the constant wearing of this type of shoes will bring you pain in the back and the legs.
If you can’t stop wearing your favorite high heels everywhere, then you’re impulsive and confident in your sexiness. While you love being the center of attention, chances are others to consider you spoiled and superficial. But we know that you are charming enough to handle it your own way!



Flat shoes:
If you prefer flat shoes rather than high heels then the others perceive you as kind and good-natured, and in the eyes of most men you are tender and delicate woman. You are also a person who is opposed to big changes. Wearing flat shoes symbolizes that you love wearing new clothes constantly!

Do you love to wear sneakers in bright colors, no matter with short dress or shopping bags?
That doesn’t make you less feminine! Women who combine comfortable sneakers with different clothes are emotionally stable. Moreover they don’t worry about anything insignificant, which is so typical for all the other women!




If you are into boots, you are probably restrained and a bit self-centered!
You are distrustful and prefer to do things yourself rather than rely on others. You are also smart and sensitive. Your personal relationships are very important to you, but you don’t tolerate anyone’s boorish behavior.