Punk Mohair Sweater makes a Punk Look Sweeter

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Sometimes Punk community is always seen as something bad community. The live on street, no home, clustered, sometimes ruin something like make some confusion or uproar, etc. Whereas their age are still young. Sometimes I feel sad to see them. But actually they happy with their life. Punk is identical with Mohawk hairstyle, piercing, black clothes and outfits. But now, there is some punk clothes that become a new trend among common people. There is punk mohair sweeter. This kind of clothing is really far from the punk usually looks like, that they identical with black. Because, this sweater seems so cute and sweet.

Punk Striped Mohair Sweate

For the women, punk is identical with thick eye liner, piercing in the lips or tongue, the light hair color like: light pink, red, green, etc, they also usually have some tattoos.  Nowadays, punk community is not just wearing the dark or just black clothing. They actually also wear the other kind of color, but still, the strange and different. The color that usually used by them also striking. Punk mohair sweater is a sweater that has a stripe model with two colors. The fabric is also not the usually fabric. I do not exactly what kind of fabric that used. But the sweater just looks sparkling.

Punk Mohair Sweater

Punk Rock Mohair Sweater

Punk mohair sweater is kind of embroidery sweater from some kind of sparkling thread. For me it is suitable sweater for evening occasion or activity. This punk mohair sweater is kind of unisex sweater that could be worn by women and men. The stripe model make the wearer look sweet and cute enough, even though they are a punk. Maybe is not forever that punk is always give the creepy outlook. And I think it is good if they try to wear the colorful outfits, not just wear the black or dark kinds of outfits.