Preppy style in the 90s and today

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Fashion trends are constantly being recycled from previous decades and now the good old 90s are back in trend. The 90s style started as a non-conformity approach as a way for the youth to express themselves. The grunge trend became popular really fast. The preppy look is a direct contrast to the grunge style.

The preppy look is a fun and vibrant trend. It becomes popular with the 90s movie Clueless. You can see the main female characters sporting plaid-skirt suits, knee-high stockings and patent Mary Janes. Every teenage girl wanted to be Cher, Dionne or Tai.


Cher Clueless

Today, preppy style is trendy again. You may not remember the Clueless Cher, but you definitely love the elegant, preppy and sophisticated style of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Blair loves feminine dresses and skirts and always looks as girly as possible.

Blair Waldorf preppy style

colorful tights

If you want to get that polished, preppy look, you can mix different colors, prints and shapes. Wear a lace, baby doll dress and combine it with pumps to achieve sexy, feminine look. Floral prints on dresses will add a romantic touch to your everyday look. Silk and chiffon blouses will tell more than anything else that your style is polished and preppy. Add some interesting accents to make your look unique. Also, don’t be afraid to mix different, vibrant colors in one outfit. Choose colors that complement each other to get a cheerful, fresh look. You may also be creative with your tights in the winter. You can try many different colors and prints.

Blair Waldorf

If you wanna achieve that elegant, preppy look, wear more dresses and skirts. You should have a dress for every occasion in your wardrobe. But remember to never reveal too much, even if you wear a sexy dress. For the preppy style, its important to always remain classy.



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