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Our repeated readers will definitely confirm that we have touched on the idea of fashion jewelry in many of our previous posts. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate a short, but illustrative post on female jewelry and the principles we should follow.

Every woman likes accessories and use them a lot in order to achieve the perfect looks. Rings, bracelets, brooches, earrings – they all have their place in a woman’s outfit. There are still some rules, which should be followed. Rule number one is that your neckline will suggest the best piece of jewelry. Now, if you have chosen a dress with a standard quadruple neckline, you should by all means opt for a simple, stylish necklace. The idea here is that the accent should be on the body shapes rather than on the accessory.





For those with a playful attitude who like wearing dresses with bare shoulders, we should say that necklaces of all types are a good match. All eyes would be on the neck and the shoulders, so there is plenty of room to experiment. You can choose either simple or extravagant bulky accessories jut to see what the final effect will be.
And if you prefer the extraordinary and brave dressing styles and garments, it is a good idea to leave your necklace home. If you need an accessory to make your looks impeccable, opt for a bracelet!



Bottom line, it is important to keep the balance between your clothes and your accessories. In case you have decided to use a large, extravagant necklace or bracelet for example, it is important to know that the rest of the accessories should be simple and inconspicuous! Otherwise, the unison in your outfit will be spoilt.



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