New Trend of Tie Scarf Around Neck

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Scarf is fabric that usually tied on neck. Generally, the function is to worn in winter, in order to, the wearer not feeling cold, but warm. But now, scarf is not just worn in winter or in the evening when the air is cold, but also in the spring, summer, even in a day. Tie scarf around neck, this day, become a new trend of fashion. Some people, worn it just to look stylist and catchy, not always to feel warm. Sometimes, they wear it with combine with t-shirt, jeans, and boots. And always love that kind of casual style with scarf around the neck. Because people always look casual but cool, when they worn it.

Scarf Tying Ideas

The fabric of the scarf is variety. It also depends on what occasion and seasons you want to worn it. Scarf can woven from, wool, silk, or ordinary yarn. The differences of material determine the ability to provide warmth, also the price. If you want to worn it in winter, usually the right and warm fabric for winter is wool. But, unfortunately, the price for the tie scarf around neck that made by wool is expensive. It caused their ability and appearances. But you can substitutes it with another material scarf that not thick as wool, and can be worn not in winter or cold weather.

Wear a Scarf Around Neck

Ways To Tie Scarf Around The Neck

There are plenty kinds of motifs tie scarf around neck. And we can mixing and matching the motifs with our outfits. It is really fun activity for look stylist in casual occasion. The type of how ties the scarf in our neck also variety. We can tie it suits with we want, how the most perfect or cute tie to applied. We can try to combine the color, motif, and fabric with the occasion, or just with our clothes. I agree that scarf always can make even the casual and simple style become extraordinary style.