Men’s winter gloves – Latest trends 2013/2014

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Winter gloves are a very important accessory when the fall season is coming to an end. With the cold winds of the winter showing up, we need to gear up and bring out our winter clothes. The winter gloves, are not only used to keep the hands warm, but also complement the type of outfit we decide to combine them with. There are different types of winter gloves for men based on the material which they are made from. The most elegant and classy ones are the leather winter gloves.


Leather and suede winter gloves have an air of formality associated with them. They are great for mixing with suits or formal outfits. Leather gloves will look great with leather shoes or leather man bags. Insulated rubber-coated winter gloves offer excellent protection. A knit wrist and an insulated layer helps keep your hands warm and dry while you work with wet objects in cold temperatures.

Winter gloves and other accessories are mostly about personal taste and preference. Gloves for outdoor winter activities should be constructed with three layers – a waterproof outer shell, an insulation layer all the way to the finger tips and an inner liner that can wick away the moisture. For winter gloves, that are dressy and washable, choose those made with spandex, polyester and fleece combinations.


The Forzieri men’s cashmere lined black gloves have a more pebbled finish. They are more expensive than the leather gloves mentioned above. For guys who don’t like leather or cashmere winter gloves, but want something that looks nice and keeps the hands warm, wool gloves are terrific. Check out the Polo Ralph Lauren design of such winter gloves. They have a leather trim, but still have the casual look of a knitted glove.


Go for winter gloves that go with your everyday outfits. Make sure they coordinate. Looking good is what’s most important when it comes to fashion.



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