Men’s wardrobe essentials for spring 2014

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Although the focus of our attention for spring 2014 is mainly on women’s clothes and accessories, men’s fashion is a big deal, too. Most of the men’s outfits we saw on New York Fashion Week were athletic and preppy. In this post, we are going to discuss some men’s wardrobe essentials for spring 2014.

Among the men’s wardrobe essentials for spring 2014 are double-breasted blazers. If you’re going to include this item in your clothes collection, make sure it fits well. If a double-breasted blazer is too baggy, you risk looking too vintage. Double-breasted blazers are hard to pull off, but combined with a pair of tailored pants that match, they can look fine. However, we would recommend wearing double-breasted blazers sparingly. And make sure you choose shorter models, fitted well around the waist.

double-breasted blazers

Patterned jackets appear to be one of the hot fashion trends in men’s clothing for spring 2014. There are lots of different models with all sorts of prints from plaid through camouflage to floral. If you want to include patterned jackets in your wardrobe essentials for the upcoming spring, make sure you wear them with solid-colored pants. Keep the patterns separate and wear one at a time. Solid-colored bottoms and a simple button-down shirt or a V-neck are great choices for trendy patterned jackets.

patterned jackets

Printed pants are another trendy item for spring 2014. For the last few years, this item has been popular in women’s fashion, but this year you will see some printed pants on men as well. If you want to include printed pants in your spring wardrobe, follow the same rules as with the patterned jackets – keep the rest of the outfit minimal. Also, make sure you choose well-tailored models, otherwise you risk looking like you’re wearing your PJs to the office.

printed pants

In New York Fashion Week, there were designer, who included in their spring collections all white suits. The edgy Diesel Black Gold, the eccentric Billy Reid and the preppy Black Sheep by Brooks Brothers are only some of the collections. If you want to wear an all white outfit for spring 2014, make sure you choose contrasting textures, to keep the look from becoming too tacky. A white cotton shirt can be combined with a linen suit, while a white T-shirt is a great choice for balancing out a silk jacket.

white suits

Rolled-up pants can be included in every man’s collection of wardrobe essentials for the spring of 2014. However, don’t imagine the 90s look with baggy pants, worn with one leg rolled-up and the other one left down. Think preppy style, with a pair of well-fitting pants, combined with awesome shoes. This style works best with casual pants and jeans. You can combine rolled-up pants with cardigans and short blazers.

rolled-up pants

Color-blocked shirts are another trendy item to add to your spring collection of wardrobe essentials for 2014. Color-blocked patterns, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, have been in fashion for quite a while, but they continue to be trendy this spring. They are a great choice, if you want to achieve a casual, preppy look. You can treat these shirts like your classic black T-shirt and combine them with your favorite pants or shorts.

color-blocked shirts

Bomber jackets will make a pretty cool addition to your collection of wardrobe essentials for the spring of 2014. This is probably the biggest trend from New York Fashion Week. There are many different materials, colors and patterns you can choose. When you go out shopping for a bomber jacket, make sure you choose one, which fits well. The sleeves shouldn’t hang past your upper wrist and the jacket must have a slim silhouette. Otherwise, it can look pretty silly.

bomber jackets



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