Men’s sports elegant shoes from Gucci

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Men’s sports elegant shoes are a great choice, if you want to dress in a casual elegant style. When it comes to choosing outfits, this style leaves you lots of options, but everything still needs to be in coordination – from shirts and trousers to shoes and accessories. Everything should work together to achieve a certain level of sophistication. In this post, we are going to show you some sports elegant shoes from Gucci.

There are different styles of shoes you can wear to get that sports elegant look. Derby shoes from Gucci are very similar to oxfords, but the difference is that the lacing is sewn outside of the shoes, showing visible flaps. This lacing style is what makes these shoes less formal, compared to the classic oxford. Derby shoes are perfect for sports elegant or smart casual styles. They look great with jeans, dress shorts and sport coats.

Gucci derby shoes

Another popular style of shoes for sports elegant outfits is loafers. They are really comfortable and versatile. Loafers are perfect for traveling, because they slip on and off easily, which comes in handy, when going through security checks. For slightly more formal look, you can choose sleeker and simpler designs and dark colors. Loafers look great with jeans, as well as with dress pants. If you check out the website of Gucci, you will find many formal or casual loafer models.

Gucci loafers

For the rainy or snowy winter days, we suggest wearing a pair of lace-up Gucci shoes with your sports elegant outfit. A pair of lace-up boot is an ideal choice for smart-casual wear. This type of boots looks great with jeans and slacks, but they are not appropriate for suits.

Gucci boots

The choice of the right pair of shoes is essential, if you’re looking to achieve sports elegant look. Nothing can destroy this style like the wrong shoes. The good thing is that there are quite a few options for shoes for sports elegant outfits.



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