Men’s and Women’s Watches Trends for 2013-2014

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The wrist watch is not only used for measuring time. People nowadays look at watches as something much more valuable than just an ordinary thing that you wear on your wrist. As it is with clothes, watches also follow specific trends and if you want to keep up with fashion this article will be of great use for you. The watch is a fashionable wrist accessory that has changed a lot during the years but right now we are focusing on the modern trends during 2013.

fashionbelief.pic In general, there are a couple of watch types that will be very fashionable during 2013.
It is expected that digital watches will make their return, including the retro design of the watches that were around a couple of years ago. The difference now will be in the colors. It is important to note that not only women’s watches are colored now. According to leading manufacturers, more and more men are looking to buy colored watches.

Pebble wristwatch

Fashionbeliev 2013Many people who believe that metal chain watches are becoming outdated during 2013 will be disappointed. Metal chain watches will continue to be trendy this year. And here is the surprise – some manufacturers have announced that they will release models made of stainless steel with different colors. It would be really interesting to see them because right now most of the metal chain watches are either silver, black or have gold plating. Can you imagine a stainless steel watch with red, green or blue color? That would be pretty cool!