Long gloves as bridal accessories

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A lot of brides continue the tradition of wearing long gloves and choose them as bridal accessories. A pair of long gloves is a sophisticated accessory, which can signify a bride’s special status. Brides can also wear long gloves to elegance and style to the wedding dress.

If you want to wear long gloves at your wedding, you need to choose the right pair. Since they would be a major accessory, they need to accentuate your dress. Simple wedding dresses pair well with ornate long gloves, while more intricate dress designs look good with understated long gloves. If you are planning to wear long gloves with your wedding dress, consider the formality of the occasion and the venue. Long gloves are appropriate for evening weddings in indoor venues.

bridal long gloves

Wearing vintage long gloves can be a great choice for many brides on this special day. Since vintage style weddings appear to be quite popular, you can take advantage of this and wear a pair of vintage long gloves. You can ask a relative to wear the long gloves from her wedding day and thus follow the something borrowed tradition. Your grandmother would be very happy to give you her bridal long gloves for your wedding.

long gloves

If you want to achieve a more modern look, you can choose to wear fingerless long gloves. They are very popular among modern brides today. Fingerless long gloves will give you elegance and allow you flexibility. Plus, you won’t have to take one glove off for the ring exchange. You can find fingerless long gloves in a variety of fabrics and designs.

fingerless long gloves

If you want to wear long gloves at your wedding, feel free to go for this custom of the past and break all rules, if necessary. Choose the right pair of long gloves that will complement your wedding dress in a beautiful and elegant way.



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