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Kim Kardashian is a model, reality television star, occasional actress, American socialite, fashion designer, author, business women, and an actress. She was born in October 21, 1980. She is a multi talent celebritiy that popular in America. Some of her styles are also followed by some people, especially some American women. Some of her outfits styles, hairstyles, and some other styles including the Kim Kardashian wedding ring are followed by some women who either a big fans of Kim Kardashian or no. The fashion taste of Kim Kardashian also could not be doubt anymore. Almost everything that she wear is almost luxurious and perfect.

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Kim Kardashian wedding ring is one kind of wedding ring that now becomes a new trend of wedding ring. Kries Hamphries, the Kim Kardashian husband gives Kim the most precious engagement ring and wedding ring that designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Kim’s wedding rings is a wonderful expensive wedding ring ever seen. The ring is a platinum ring with 12 carats worth of diamonds, it makes a grand total of 32,5 carats on her finger. This Kim Kardashian ring is such a sensasional luxurious ring that I ever seen. You must be see it by yourself to feel amaze.

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Kries Hampries, Kim Kardashian husband is an NBA player of the New Jersey Nets in October 2010. They are engaged in May 2011 and married on August, 20, 2011. Hampries gives the different ring for the engagement and the wedding. Kim Kardashian wedding ring maybe included as the most precious wedding ring that could become a trend. She is one of the lucky women who have the most precious wedding ring with beautiful diamonds. But, unfortunately, the marriage between Kim and Hampries just survive for two months. Kim and Hampries divorce in Ocktober 31, 2011, after 72 days of marriage.