Kids’ Spring / Summer Shoes

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With the spring season approaching, it’s time to pick out some pretty and comfortable shoes for your kid. You can find many trendy models available online or in local stores. In this post, we have prepared some interesting suggestions for you.

If you’re looking for girls’ shoes, you will find many pretty pastel and brightly-colored girl’s shoes in stores. For example, a pair of comfortable sneakers is a great choice for the spring. They are perfect for all daily activities and your little girl would love running around in a pair of trendy sneakers. You can find many cute colors, including vivid blue, coral, bright pink or green.

girls' sneakers

If you’re looking for something less casual, you can find cute dress shoes for your little girl. They are available in many different colors and can easily be paired with jeans or spring and summer dresses. These shoes are a great choice for more formal occasions.


If you want something even more formal, you can get a pair of glitter flats for girls. Your little princess will simply love them. The best thing about them is that they come in many great colors besides the traditional gold and silver. If you want to impress your daughter, buy her a pair of glitter shoes.

glitter shoes

Boat shoes are another option for the spring and a lot of kids wear them in warm weather. In fact, boat shoes were one of the hottest trends for 2013 and they continue to be fashionable. You can find them in many fun and vibrant colors like pink, yellow or blue. They are the ultimate casual footwear, perfect for shorts, pants and casual skirts.

boat shoes

High sketchers are yet another option for spring and summer footwear for little girls. They are available in bright colors, fun patterns and glitter decorations. If you want your daughter to have the cutest shoes in the neighborhood, get her a pair of high sketchers.


If you’re looking for boys’ shoes for the spring and summer, you can get a pair of cool sandals. They are comfortable, durable and quite popular. Find a pair, which offers protection for your little boy’s feet. You will see tons of cool color combinations.


If the weather is not hot enough for sandals, you may consider buying a pair of vans for your son. These shoes have been popular for quite some time with every gender and age group. They can be worn with jeans, casual pants or shorts. The canvas upper parts make the vans a great choice for the spring months.


One of the best choices for boys’ footwear for the spring and summer are the classic sneakers. Choose a pair, which is lightweight enough, so that your son can wear them in the summer as well. Choose a classic design, which will always remain popular. There are many different color combinations available.


Desert boots are among the hottest trends in men’s footwear now. You can also find toddler and kids’ versions as well. These shoes can be worn casually with jeans, but they can also look a little bit dressy with pants. And at the same time they’re cool enough to earn your little boy’s approval. You can find dark or neutral colors with brightly-colored laces.

desert boots

If you need something for more formal occasions, you can get a pair of dress shoes for the spring. And if your son doesn’t attend too many formal occasions, you can find a model, which can also pull double duty as a casual shoe. Black oxfords will work very well.

dress shoes

There are also many other models of kids’ shoes available on the market. These are just some basic guidelines. We hope we’ve been helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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