Insight into Victoria Beckham’s spring/summer 2014 collection

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Today’s article will take a look at the Fashion Week in New Your by touching on some of the celebrities which either presented their collections during the show or were part of the audience but of course could not go unnoticed. The accent, however, will be on Victoria’s Beckham’s collection.

We should admit though, that Victoria did look a lot more relaxed and confident 5 years after her first appearance at the Fashion Week. Her elegance was underlined by the broad three-quarters trousers and the white shirt. As a matter of fact these two colors prevail in her collection and proved to be the leading nuances throughout the Fashion Week. Victoria’s collection was built mainly around extensive coats with rounded sleeves, worn over Capri. The finishing touches were added by a small black collar on a white sleeveless shirt. Of course, Mrs. Beckham had prepared some stylish touches by introducing fuchsia and burgundy nuances in some of her models





David-Beckham-in-the-company-of-famous designers


Victoria’s success was backed up by her husband David and her daughter Harper, which managed to provoke a smile on the face of Anna Wintour, Vogue’s serious in-chief. The day had a spectacular finish, when Naomi Campbell made her way along the catwalk. She was dressed in a spectacular black and gold dress and was the perfect choice, ending the show of Diane von Fyustenberg in Lincoln Center. The photographers and the audience were simply amazed as this was one of Naomi’s rare appearances, which was generously applauded by everyone.