Ideas how to wear fur boots

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Fur boots became trendy in the winter of 2008 – 2009 and they are still fashionable for this winter. Fur boots are a great way to make a fashion statement. When you wear fur boots, you should choose the rest of the outfit carefully, so as not to overwhelm the statement you are trying to make.

Fur boots are usually knee height. So if you want to wear pants with them, you should tuck your pants in, in order to make the fur boots the star of your outfit. However, keep in mind that this look may not work with just any pants. It is best to choose skinny jeans with straight legs, so they won’t bulk above your fur boots. Your pants should tuck smoothly into the fur boots and not bunch at the top. You can also wear fur boots with a short skirt and a pair of opaque tights in the winter. This will keep you warm and really feature the fur boots as the major piece in the whole outfit.

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When selecting tops to wear with your fur boots, choose tops with little embellishment, so that the details on the tops won’t clash with the detail of the fur boots. Also, choose tops with little bulk to balance the heft of the fur boots. You can also try layering. Wear a long-sleeve T-shirt and a puffy vest. This simple suggestion will balance out your bottom half by matching the bulk. A hooded sweater is also a good choice for a top to wear with your fur boots.

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When you’re selecting a jacket to wear with a pair of fur boots, you should pay attention to its length. Since fur boots are usually knee height, choose a short jacket to avoid making yourself look shorter by covering your legs entirely with the boots and the jacket. Go for a jacket that is no longer than hip length. If you want to create a more casual look, wear a puffy bomber jacket, and if you want to dress up a little, then wear a pea-coat style jacket.

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Fur boots ate great for casual outfits. They are very comfortable and will keep your feet warm in the winter. When it comes to matching your fur boots with the rest of the outfit, go for casual clothing and accessories.



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