How to wear blouse with short length

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It is hard to resist on some of the modern trends and if you don’t know the main rules for wearing them, you may turn into fashion victim, which often happens with people who don’t know how to combine one garment with another, and suffer, when they notice the dissapointmant in a couple of faces.  One of the f many girls favourite deliberate clothe for the summer is blouse with length above the waist with original term crop top. The cut looks bold and even a little scary, but it was, that it is suitable for all kinds of figures. Don’t worry it goes with all kinds of bottoms and jackets and shoes.


There are many types of styles, that are grace for combination with blouse with length above the waist. These advices will help you for better orientation in suitable combinations in dependance of  individual features of your shapes. We are sure that you will choose atleast one or two of them so check the suggestions for different combinations with blouse above the waist.


Choose the right length

This is one of the key factors for style with short blouse or shirt. In most cases is better to choose length, that will be exactly on the line of your waist. This is the best sign, that no matter of your shapes, the length is appropriate. By the photos you will.

At large, above the confidence is the desire of wearing and clothes. And if someone still think that chubby women should’t include among them short blouse and bustiers, so the girls below will totally deflate this statement.



In summer the cold weather doesnt bother you to experiment with the style of short blouses. On the market there are enough knitted pullovers, vests and other knitted clothes with length above the belly.







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