How to look sexy at the beach?

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Similarly to the fashion trends in clothing, prints are very trendy with the swimming suits during the new season. In the spring-summer 2013 collections you can find swimming suits with different prints – some of them are in bright colors, others are in soft pastel colors. Designers have shown swimming suits with flowers, animal patterns, geometrical figures, stripes, etc.


Animal prints
Swimming suits with animal prints are very trendy this season. The most popular ones are with leopard patterns. Snake prints are also present in the new collections. Designers have also shown: Dalmatian, zebra, tiger and other animal prints in the swimming suits for the new season.



Digital prints :
Swimming suits with stripes, dots, lines and other geometrical figures are among the most attractive models in the new collections. One of the best ways to keep up with fashion trends is to choose the classic black and white. You can rest assured that these colors will be trendy during the next season, the season after next, and so on. You can also chose elegant white bikini. There are many offers – swimming suits with two parts where the upper part is tightened around the neck, thin or thick straps, hard or soft cups.