How to hide skin imperfections with makeup

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Not too many women have perfect skin with no blemishes. Most of us need to learn how to hide skin imperfections in order to look our best. In this post we will show you a few simple tricks.

Acne is one of the most annoying skin imperfections. To hide this, you will need a thick concealer that matches your skin tone, sheer loose powder and a small brush with a straight, firm tip. Before you start, you need to learn to accept your limits. You can only hide the redness of the skin, but not the bump itself. Use the brush to dot the concealer directly on the pimple. Then, using another brush, apply some of the powder to set the concealer and leave a smooth finish.


Large pores are one of the most common skin imperfections. To hide them, you will need makeup primer and powder foundation. Makeup primers that contain silicone will make large pores appear smaller, since they lay a thin film on the skin. This way, when you apply the foundation, it will stick to a smoother surface instead of settling into pores. If your skin tends to be oily, use powder foundations. If you have large pores, you should avoid light-reflecting foundations, since they will draw attention to pore size.


Puffy eyes are one of the skin imperfections lots of women fight in the morning. To hide this problem, you will need eye gel and highlighting pen. When it comes to concealing skin imperfections, especially puffy eyes, moderation is your best call. Since concealer tends to accentuate bags, use it only on the inner corners of the eyes. You can minimize the swelling with a firming eye gel. You can store it in the refrigerator for a little extra tightening power. After you have applied the eye gel, run the highlighting pen along the indentation below the puffiness. The light reflectors will make this area look less depressed.

puffy eyes

These are just a few of the quick fixes to hide skin imperfections. This is just a little surface polishing. It is best to learn to accept and love yourself and your little skin imperfections.



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