Hair Design Should Reflect Your Personality

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We all know people, whose hairstyles just don’t reflect who they really are on the inside. For example, your best friend might be a fun, outgoing person, but when you look at her long, badly-shaped hair with dull color, your see anything but the real person behind this hair design. Or maybe you are a highly intelligent person with revolutionary ideas and entrepreneurial skills, but you shaggy and messed up hair says otherwise, even if you’re wearing the finest designer clothes, following the latest fashion trends.


Your choice of hair design says a lot more about you than you’d like to think. This is a major part of your appearance and we all know that people get their first impressions of your personality and character within seconds of meeting you, judging by your appearance. Of course, there other thing about your appearance, which people notice, like clothing, makeup and accessories, but hairstyle remains one of the most obvious things, which get people’s attention.

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So how does your hairstyle and general hair design work for or against you? For one thing, this is the starting point of projecting an image of yourself. Most people, men and women, normally choose hairstyles, which they think look best on them and convey a particular image they want, but sometimes the hairstyles and hair design we choose fails to convey the intended image. And the worst thing about this is that most of us don’t realize that.


According to a study, conducted by researchers at Yale University, women with trendy and sexy hairstyles are usually perceived as less intelligent, while women with short hairstyles are seen as more confident and outgoing. These opinions are influenced by the hair design in general, including length and color. According to the same study, women with long, blonde hair are usually perceived and sexier and more prosperous, while women with medium-length, dark hair are viewed as smarter and more fun loving. The same applies to men and their choice of hair design. Men with short hair, which is longer in the front, are perceived as sexier and more confident, but more self-absorbed, while those with medium-length hair, parted on the side are seen as more intelligent, but narrow-minded.


This study shows how our choice of hairstyle and hair design influences the image of ourselves we’re trying to create. That’s why, if you want to convey a truthful image of yourself, it’s important to choose a hairstyle, which reflects your personality. This will make you feel more comfortable and confident.



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