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Nowadays, nail art is really happening among women and girls. Nail art becomes new kinds of fashion trend that has a bright prospect. You could see it from the many nail art salons in some mall. I could say that now nail art is seize much women and girls attention. Beautify their nail such a fun and exciting activity. Having nail treatment through manicure, now become a prime needed also. Some women who have lots of time and money could go to the nail salon and beautify their nails. But, for some women who do not a lot of times and money, they still could beautify their nail with these some French tips nail at home.

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Have French nail art or some beauty treatment actually could be done at home when leisure time. But maybe, for some women who have tired with their activity, they will not patience enough to doing that by them self. So, go the salon is the solution. But if you have some leisure time and confuse to doing something, you could try these French tips nail at home. You just have to prepare some stuff like nail polish, base coat, top coat, and nail polish remover. Just as simple.

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First of all, after you prepared all of the French nail stuff, you could start with apply the base coat first.  Allow the based coat dry thoroughly. Then paint you’re your nail with a sheer, with a pale color like cream or pale pink. After the pale nail polish dry thoroughly, paint the tip of your nails with the white nail polish. After that, add a clear top coat to keep and protect your French nail color freshly. And finished! French tips nail at home successfully to be done. You have a beautiful simple French nail now.