Five delicate bracelets for modern women

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Accessorizing with bracelets can draw the attention to the beauty of your wrists and hands. Many women throughout history have worn bracelets as decorative accessories. Modern women can accessorize with bracelets to turn every outing into a more festive occasion.

Bangle bracelets are rigid rings, which slip over the hand, onto the wrist. They are often worn in multiples. You can mix and match bangle bracelets, made from different materials like gold, silver, wood, beads and leather. Bangle bracelets are quite popular. They are versatile and often affordable.

bangle bracelets

Charm bracelets are no longer just for little girls. These bracelets normally start with wrist-size chain, to which you add various charms over time. Each charm typically has a special, personal significance. Charm bracelets are usually made from gold, silver or stainless steel. A lot of jewelers offer charm bracelets, already outfitted with charms in a specific style or theme.

charm bracelet

Cuff bracelets are large statement pieces, with plain or elaborate design. Cuff bracelets have openings, which allow them to slide over the hand and hug the wrist. There are many different styles and designs of cuff bracelets. Polished gold or silver pieces are quite impressive.

cuff bracelet

Tennis bracelets are flexible wrist bands with clasps, usually composed of a row of diamonds or crystals in symmetrical gold, sterling, or platinum links. A diamond tennis bracelet can sell for one hundred or several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the size and quality of the stones.

tennis bracelet

Pearl bracelets have been quite popular since ancient times. These beautiful accessories look great alone or in combination with other types of bracelets. Vintage and antique pearl bracelets are usually sought by women, who prefer traditional settings and pearls that have aged well. However, many antique pearls tend to dry out over time, becoming less lustrous.

pearl bracelet

There are many other types of bracelets to choose from. As a modern woman, you can have a collection of bracelets to accessorize every outfit in your wardrobe. The different types can be mixed and matched to create your unique and unmistakable style.



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