Find the perfect matching shoes for your dress

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There is no point in denying it – people do judge by the cover. This is even truer in present day life, where fashion and design have such a powerful influence. Therefore, some basic knowledge on the way one should match pieces of clothing with shoe types might be essential!

So, let us run a quick survey on the best matching shoes. The first on our list would be the classic, elegant clothing – black, white and neutral nuances are peculiar for this dressing style, so the shoes should also match accordingly – the best approach is to stick to the high-heels. In case the temperatures outside are high enough, put on the open shoes with high heels, so that you look and feel both elegant and comfortable!



For all that have just a bit of extra romantic flavor, it is important to keep in mind the leading principles of their dressing style. That would be the use of lace, broad necklines and semi-transparent textile, which all have an air of playfulness around them. Make sure your shoes add up to that impression – both high and low heels as well as sandals are appropriate. The important thing would be to use vivid, bright colors as an additional accent and focus point in your outfit.

As far as the sports outfits go, you can easily match them by putting on snickers or sports shoes. Sports shoes are also a good match for the causal dressing style!



The best way to finish the article would be to touch on the conception of high boots. They will definitely be on the top of the fashion trend again this winter, so it is important to match them with the right tights. And by saying right tights I am talking about the right color. Note that skin-color tights create the impression that you are barefoot, which is not exactly the impression you were hoping for, so use either matching or contrasting colors. High boots with a few catchy decorations are a good match for a simple, stylish outfit.