Fasten seat belts for summer 2014

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Without accessories like belt we can’t imagine any style. No matter of its seemingly insignificant, very few women stylish icons would be completed without belt. It is a certain complement to the whole outfit. Some wear it intended, other just to be in touch with fashion.


In collection for season spring-summer 2014 this detail from the wardrobe was presented in many different variants, which leads us to believe, that designers are giving life again to its basic dress in extraordinary decision. This can only make us more happier than before, we are pretty sure that there are no people that don’t like summer swimsuit.


For most of the women the most important in their style is the belt to demonstrate individuality and femininity, and this easily can be helped by accessories like belt and different ribbons in the role of belt. This decor of waist can be in many sizes and fabrics, but in every example it can happen in totally different and poignant image.


Heavy belts of leather, relevant for autumn-winter period, gives place to the soft thin leather, silk or cotton belt and lengths. Some designers suggest colorful models, with the help which you can refresh even the most simple outfit or to put dose of extravagance to the combination denim-T-shirt.


In models of Emporio Armani we clearly saw how with one belt the simple dress turned in night lavish dress. Casually tied belt also is part of the designers suggestions, like Gucci showed lower placed casually placed belt in style 20s.


The trend belt ties the knot still is very relevant and lets you put dose of insurgency in every style. Lavish huge belts from metal chains or simple one-ton models are also one of the contrasting couples in the trend belt in summer.


The silhouette type “sand watch” with belt type corset still takes the lead in the challenge of extravagant belts.
















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