Fashion sketching tips for beginners

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This article is for those of you, who have some really creative fashion ideas, but still don’t know where to start. We will give you tips on how to draw your sketches. Who knows, maybe our next article will be about your new fashion clothing line.

Start by creating a good croquis. This is the basic drawing of a model pose, that you can trace over and over again, to sketch your fashion ideas. There are croquis, available to use online or in books. You can even try to create your own. Usually, croquis are exaggerated tall model forms. That’s why it is a good idea to create your own croquis, in case you want to design something for a child or a plus sized woman.

fashion sketches

You can print a photo with a good pose and a body you want to design fashion clothes for. You can even choose a few photos of yourself. Next, use window light to trace the basic body shape on a sheet of paper. You can use the same photo and trace the shape over and over again to create different designs. This sounds fun and easy, right?

fashion sketching

Don’t stress over getting the perfect sketches. Start where you are and keep practicing. Remember, nothing can replace quality practice time. There is no other way to grow and develop your skills. It will probably take you a long time, before you decide to share your sketches even with your closest friends. You can collect your best designes and throw the rest out. In time, you will gain confidence.


You should focus on developing your own style. There are lots of things that can determine the unique style of your sketches. It’s the little details, working together, that create a look, which is distinctly yours – whether you use watercolors, markers or color pencils, the way you choose to sketch the faces of your models, how much styling you include.


Fashion sketching really isn’t as intimidating as you might think it is. If you really love to sketch fashion ideas, you can share your own tips with us. We would also love to see some of your models.



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