Fashion for chubby ladies 2013

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Tunics, dresses, blouses with asymmetric end and naked shoulders are trendy this season.
Attention! Chubby ladies could wear tunics with a knee-length. It would be great if they have floral motives, so they can attract attention to them rather to the imperfections of the body. This type of tunics could be combined with straight trousers.


1. Always chose clothes that have vertical prints. They optically make you look taller.

2. The longer the trousers, skirt or dress – the better it will suit you because it lengthens and narrows the silhouette. Knee-length is also a great choice.

3. Always consider your body proportions when choosing your clothes. You will look great with bigger jewelry and hairstyle. Accessories should be          chosen according to your size. Small details or accessories will underline your big body and that way you risk that people will not notice them.

4. Suits are standard office dress code, so if you work in a formal atmosphere always choose blazers that are not slim-fit. They should not have wide pockets because they will make you look optically wider.


The best accessory undoubtedly is the good mood and the smile. So, don’t forget that whatever you wear you will always be the most beautiful woman in the world!