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Europe is considered the capital of world fashion with three fashion centers – London, Milan and Paris. These cities hold two fashion shows annually, showing the forthcoming fashion trends every year. What makes European fashion trends so different from the US is that Europeans generally dress more formally. Your suits and dresses should fit well, and your fashion accessories must be understated and elegant.

As they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do. If you are planning a trip to Europe, follow the European fashion trends, which include your fashion accessories. To get that incredibly elegant look, choose carefully your jewelry. You will need to take a little break from the neon colors and ornate designs currently taking over the jewelry scene. Understated jewelry pieces will effortlessly complete any outfit you choose to wear.

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Understated leather skinny belts are also must-have fashion accessories, if you want to follow the European fashion trends. They look simple, yet very chic. They can be worn over pretty much anything you like – trousers, jeans, dresses, cardigans and coats. Sometimes understated, slim pieces can make a really bold fashion statement, completing easily any outfit you choose.


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Women’s handbags are great fashion accessories. Choose understated handbags, which will complete your elegant outfits. You can get a high-quality leather piece or even a beautiful designer handbag. Make sure it looks good with your outfit and the rest of your fashion accessories. The way you dress and the accessories you choose can become your identifying characteristic. People can usually spot foreigners very easy, by the way they look.


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Every region has its own specific fashion features, influenced by the history, attitude of the people and perhaps climatic features unique to that region. If you’re going to Europe and want to blend in, make sure you observe European fashion trends. Choose simple, but stylish fashion accessories, which will complement your elegant look.



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