Elegant bridal sandals with high heels and decorative elements

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The bridal shoes are a very important element for your wedding day. The right shoes must match the bride, the dress and the day. They also must be comfortable to wear through the ceremony, the photo session and the reception. In this post we are going to talk about choosing bridal sandals.

For your wedding, you can choose bridal sandals, made from satin, with high heels and pearls. The first thing you need to consider is the heel height. If the heels are too high, you won’t be comfortable. Choose sandals with lower heels, which will still look very elegant, but will be more comfortable to wear. The decorative pearls will add a beautiful, natural accent to your bridal sandals. This option is great for summer weddings in the open.

sandals with pearls

If you want to dazzle and sparkle with each step you take on your wedding day, then you should choose bridal sandals with crystals. Criss-crossing crystal straps and an oversized rhinestone buckle will definitely deliver you the effect you’re looking for. Choose the heel height and style according to the location your wedding is going to take place. Stilettos may not be the best option, if you’re planning a beach wedding, for example.

sandals with crystals

Elegant bridal sandals with high heels and floral decorative elements can add a vintage appeal to your overall look. This is a great option if the style of your wedding is going to be vintage or if you want to add a few interesting accents. Bridal sandals with floral decoration combine well with bridal long gloves. Choose a model, which will be comfortable to walk and dance. If you want to follow the something-borrowed tradition, you can ask some old relative to borrow her bridal sandals.

sandals with flowers

A pair of elegant bridal sandals with high heels and bows is another option to consider for your wedding day. Depending on the main theme of your wedding, you can choose a contemporary model or a vintage-style pair of sandals. The bows can be matched with some decorative elements on your wedding dress or the rest of the accessories. Bows are extremely feminine decorations. You can choose a pair of bridal sandals with high heels and platforms. The platforms will add height, without sacrificing your comfort.

sandals with bows

Bridal sandals with high heels and lace decoration are another option for your wedding day. Lace is a trendy decorative element, which will add style and elegance to your wedding outfit. However, if your wedding dress is made from lace or has too many lace decorative elements, lace sandals are not the best option for you. In this case, it would be better to choose simpler model, because too many decorative elements will look flashy. If you go for lace bridal sandals, you might want to break them in before the wedding day.

lace sandals

If your wedding is going to take place at the beach, then you might want to choose bridal sandals with sea- or beach- themed decorative elements. In this case, a pair of elegant sandals with starfish decorations is a great choice for you. If you don’t insist on wearing everything in white on your wedding day, you can choose an alternative color for the bridal sandals, like blue or green. This is a great choice of color for a beach wedding. Make sure the heels are not too high, because you won’t be comfortable wearing them on sand.

sandals with starfish

When you go out shopping for bridal sandals, note that the shades of white and off-white can vary, so it may be difficult to match with your wedding dress. If you find a pair of wedding sandals you like very much, but think they might get uncomfortable after a while, you can get a back-up pair of shoes to wear after the ceremony and the photo session. If you buy the bridal sandals before the dress, bring them with you to the fitting, to make sure the dress is the right length for the shoes.



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