Dress to impress for the New Year`s party

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New Year`s Eve is just around the corner. This means you are running out of time to find that perfect dress, to impress everyone at the party. That killer dress is out there, waiting for you.

How to choose the color of the dress? Colors are important, because they create a mood. They dictate fashion and determine the next trends. A quick search will tell you what are the trendy colors for this season. Luckily, you have quite a few options, when it comes to colors. You can choose from base colors, like grey, ivory and nude, cool colors, like different shades of blue and green, or warm colors, like reds. Choose the color that looks best on you. Keep in mind your complexion and hair color. Also, you may consider the main color scheme of the party you`re planning. You don’t want to blend with the decorations or look a bit off. Silver and gold are classic, universal colors for a New Year’s party. They will look good with any colors that may surround you and are easily matched with accessories, such as wrist watches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

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The next thing to consider is the length of the dress. This will depend on the style of the party, your body type and personal preferences. The most formal dress code in society is white tie. This has relatively strict requirements for women`s attire. In this case you should pick a full-skirted ball gown and accessorize with heavy jewelry, fur wrap and long gloves. With this outfit, long, unrestrained hair and comfortable shoes will work best. The black-tie dress code is more complicated. Floor-length or thee-quarter-length dress would be appropriate. Combine that with evening sandals or pumps, a silk or satin evening bag and sparkly jewelry. If the party is not going to be so formal, you can pick a glamorous party dress, any type of jewelry you like, as long as it`s tasteful, and a trendy evening bag. Less formal parties leave you lots of opportunities, when it comes to choosing a dress. However, you should be careful not to look over-dressed. This will most likely make you feel uncomfortable and get you some weird looks. Alternatively, if the party is going to be black-tie style, which again leaves you more options, try not to look too trashy.

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The design of the dress is the hardest thing to pick. Here, you should be really careful what you pick, if you are going to impress all the guests. We would suggest to pick the right dress for your body type. It doesn’t really matter how trendy or glamorous a dress is, if it doesn’t flatter your body type. You may look at a dress that is simply gorgeous on your best friend, but that doesn’t mean it`s made for you. But don`t get disappointed – with some patience you will be able to find a silhouette that will make you feel the most attractive woman at that party. This way you will be comfortable and confident about the way you look. And a confident woman always radiates glamour, even if she is not dresses according to the latest fashion trends. Get out there and try on different styles, until you find the perfect dress for your body type.

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The New Year’s party is all about looking your best and having fun with your family and friends. Now would be the time to decide on the budget for the party and go shopping for a dress that will make you look stunning and will be comfortable to dance. Accessorize with your favorite jewelry, but be careful – it shouldn’t outshine the dress.



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