Dress for the weekend and the office

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Is there anything fresher, and in the same time trendy and classic than shirt-dress? Maybe a little retro, and maybe too modern, dress-shirt or shirt-dress we saw at the catwalk in different interpretations. From office silhouette to neat romantic expression, the vision with dress-shirt can be casual, business or sport. Christian Dior, Nina Ricci and Eudon Choi shows remarkable remixes of this classic model. Women love different kind 0f dresses, makes them feel free and clean their mind, giving them the confidence to dive in their tense day filled with pressure or frustration.


This summer we can choose between different length of dress-shirt. The comfort, that it has is incomparable. The combination with jeans, wedge and trousers also gives the ability to use this garment for different dress code. This dress gives wonderful ability for interpretation of the style preppy, or college vision. But the rebellious note, that gives, makes it favorite to big part of the female, who likes to stay in classic, but are interested to step aside for a while. It also have returned as a trendy movement in fashion and many young girls and women are influenced by it.


Not least shirt-dress is the only difference between man and female shirt, that in the same time can be real and sexy. With it you can easily continue the fun and after the working day – the only thing, that you should do is to change the shoes. It seems really easy and “why not to try” thing, when it looks good and is easy to imply, also you can get used to it if you have really tensed life, living on high speed.


Here you can see how women love to combine dresses and how it looks, so it’s up to you how you will approve and understand it.






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