Diamond earrings for men

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Diamond earrings can be the perfect gift for any occasion. Earrings are the most basic jewelry piece and modern men rarely leave the house without wearing a pair of stunning earrings. Most earrings can be combined with any style of outfit, so your gift shouldn’t cause any wardrobe issues for your boyfriend or husband.

diamond earrings

The perfect pair of men’s diamond earrings must be understated, but striking, projecting an air of mystery and provocativeness. Choose men’s diamond studs, which are of H color. This means that the color of the diamonds is unnoticeable to the unaided eye. This grade offers and excellent value for the diamond earrings. Generally, round-cut diamonds have more facets, which allows for the most refraction of light, resulting in a greater sparkle. Princess-cut diamonds are less sparkly, but they are an ideal choice for men’s diamond earrings, because their shape creates a unique style that stands out.

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The size of the diamond earrings for men is a matter of personal preference and depends on how prominent you want your ears to be. If you’re looking for men’s diamond earrings, it is better to choose more shallow design of the setting, which supports the diamond, so the earrings can be worn close to the ear, without too much protrusion. To choose high-quality diamond earrings for men, make sure the casting is designed for maximum light entry, so that the sparkle of the diamond is not muted.


If you want your boyfriend or husband to really stand out with his new diamond earrings, choose carefully the diamonds’ clarity. SI-1 clarity refers to the inclusions present in a diamond, like scratches, trace minerals and other characteristics that may take away from the beauty of the diamonds. The higher the clarity grade, the more clear and valuable the diamond. For diamonds, graded F through SI, inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. SI grade means “slightly included” or “slightly imperfect”.



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