Country Wedding Dress: Alternative Wedding Dress

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Country music is popular genre music in America. Country music began in the rural regions of the Southern United States. It began 1920s and 20th century Canada. The roots of country are from western cowboy and southern America Folk Music. Music of country often consists of dance tunes and ballads with harmonies and generally simple form accompanied by mostly string instruments, like: guitar, banjoes, harmonicas, and fiddles. There are several people who like the both of country music and cowboy style. Because how like they are with cowboy and country music or style, they want to make a wedding party with country wedding theme. And of course, for country theme, the bridegroom also should wear country wedding dress.

Country Western Wedding Dress

Country wedding dress is a kind of wedding dress that designed by country style. It is one of the unique concept and theme of wedding. Though this kind of wedding theme is rare, country wedding concept still become a favorite concept of wedding party for several people. I really curious, how interesting the wedding party would be if really sets with cowboy concept. Especially if the wedding party applied by country wedding theme and the venue also sets with cowboy concept. It sounds attractive of course.

Country Wedding Dress Idea

Country Style Wedding Dresses

Imagine that the bride will wear country wedding dress with riding horse boots. The wedding cars will substitute with horse. The groom will wear cowboy attire, complete with cowboy boots, hats, and vest. How interesting wedding theme ever! The wedding will be celebrated in some kind of pasture or hill. Or maybe in the edge of river, accompanied with a gurgling sound from waters rive. Maybe, if my friend celebrate or make a wedding party with country concept I will be the first person who came by. How exciting just to imagine what would be beautiful the wedding party.