Colorful autumn mascara

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Climate changes seem to be influencing our everyday life a lot more these days, sometimes the impact is greater than we think. Clothing and hairstyles are naturally under the spell of weather, however what really astonishes me is the fact that mascaras can be influenced in similar way. Therefore, the topic of today’s post would be the mascara – how we should use it, what colors would suit us best and few tricks for a more stunning look!



So let us get started by revealing the best mascara colors. With the beginning of fall, you will see more and more women with different mascara colors, which is easily understandable; all you need to do is take a look at the colorful surroundings that walk hand in hand with the temperature changes outside. Still, there are some distinguished favorites. The first one is brown mascara – its main advantage is that brown would match any face. The downfall is that this color lacks the splendor and enchanting sensation, which black mascara possesses. An interesting alternative to brown is the eggplant mascara  this color suits very well if you have blonde eyelashes, moreover the eggplant color conveys a bit of flirting and playfulness. There is a current trend of more and more women using lighter colors, such as blue, green, silver or bronze. There are two downfalls – lighter nuances cannot create the impression of having long lashes and widely open eyes, which can easily be achieved with darker mascara colors.





Now that we have touched on the colors, it is time to comment on the use of mascara. There are no big secrets here, success lies in the strict obedience of a few rules. First and foremost, every time you take out the brush out of the tube, make sure that you turn it gently around its axis, so that the liquid amount left over it would not be excessive. It is a wise approach to start applying the mascara from the lower eyelid. It is then much easier to apply mascara to the upper eyelid lashes by simple horizontal moves starting from the inner end of the eyes. If you are keen on the idea of having curved eyelashes, just hold the brush firmly in the base of the lashes for a few seconds. Remember that the more mascara you use the thicker your lashes will appear to be.

To round the topic up, make sure that you always use high quality mascara – the advantages are so many: it does not make your lashes stick together, it dries out quickly without a trace and once you are back from a fabulous night out you can easily remove it! And last but not least, never use mascara that irritates your eyes – you should definitely change the manufacturer as soon as you spot any signs of eye irritation!