Color mousse – the easiest way to dye your hair

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Today, you can easily change the color of your hair with permanent hair dye. In case you want to do this at home, you need to find the simplest possible solution. If you want a natural-looking, glossy and even hair color, without all the mess in the bathroom, you need to get color mousse. The application is really easy and requires no previous experience.

It can be pretty hard to dye your hair all by yourself. It requires skill to apply the hair dye evenly on the short hairs at the back of your neck. Not to mention the mess in the bathroom…

color mousse

With color mousse, dying your hair can be fun. Simply apply it like you do with shampoo. Color mousse doesn’t irritate the skin on your head. It smells nice, contains no ammonia, doesn’t drip and stays where you need it. In addition, color mousse covers evenly all gray hairs.

applying color mousse

Applying color mousse is not the same as applying cream hair color, so don’t confuse the two. The pigment of the cream hair color attaches only to the outer layer of your hair, creating a thin colored coating, which fades quickly. Dying your hair with cream hair color will last no more than six shampoos. Besides, cream hair color cannot cover gray hairs. To dye your hair, even with color mousse, you need two mix two components. This is the difference between coloring and dying your hair. Unlike the cream hair color, the color mousse penetrates the hair and the color lasts longer. Color mousse covers completely gray hairs.

hair color

Dying your hair with color mousse is done in a few stages. Follow all the instructions that come with the color mousse. If you choose a lighter color than your natural hair color, you don’t need to bleach your hair in advance. Simply apply the color of your choice. Do not wash your hair before applying the color mousse.



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