Cocktail chic dress code

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Cocktail chic dress code is means dressy, yet fun outfits. For girls, cocktail chic dress code includes short party dresses or dress pants with blazers and colorful shirts underneath. In this post we will give you a few ideas for cocktail chic dress code outfits.

For women, the cocktail chic attire offers many choices. There are some standard guidelines to follow. Skirts and dresses with relatively short hemlines, at or slightly above the knee are acceptable. A pair of long dress pants with a silk blouse or a cashmere sweater is also appropriate. However, the traditional choice would be a cocktail dress. Here, the choices are practically countless – from strapless, bright dresses to a more conservative looking little black dress. If you need to dress in the cocktail chic dress code, you should be able to find easily something appropriate and comfortable. We would suggest choosing an outfit, which is more elegant than showy. It is probably not a good idea to choose too short and revealing dresses. Choose your outfit according to the formality of the occasion and keep in mind that it is better to be a little conservative than too flashy.

little black dress


After you have chosen the outfit for the cocktail chic dress code, it’s time to consider the shoes. Seasonally appropriate high heels can match elegantly your cocktail attire. Do not go for too high heels, unless you’re comfortable wearing them. The decorative elements on the shoes should be kept to a minimum, if they are not going to be the major accent piece. Simple, but elegant shoes will allow the focus on the grace of your outfit. Dressy sandals or beautiful ballet flats are also appropriate.



Cocktail chic dress code allows you room for a little flash and sparkle, but you should be selective. A single jewelry piece that matches the outfit can really enhance your look and get everybody’s attention, without being showy. A cocktail ring, a wrist watch or a pair of earrings might be all that you really need. Choose a small bag like a clutch, an evening bag or a wristlet.

cocktail rings


Cocktail chic dress code is usually required for dinners or nights that will include a broad range of activities, from dancing to award presentations. Considering the context of the event will help you determine how formal you should dress.



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