Choose clothes which make you look slimmer

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Clothes can hide or show certain parts of the body, so it’s very important to choose carefully your clothes. In this post we will give you a few ideas how to choose clothes that make you look slimmer.

It’s not a good idea to wear clothes that don’t flatter your body, just because they are trendy. It’s better to choose clothes that will make you look good and feel comfortable, rather than choosing clothes, which might show pretty much everything you’re trying to hide.

If you have a wider waistline, you should avoid wearing short shirts and tops. Besides, you may consider yourself lucky, because short tops are no longer trendy. Now, longer shirts and blouses are fashionable, so you can choose a long, loose top and be trendy.

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Don’t buy clothes, which don’t fit you because you used to wear a different size in the past. And don’t buy smaller size clothes, because you think you’re going to lose weight, so that you’ll be able to fit into the smaller size. This will only make you feel uncomfortable. It is equally as important to avoid buying bigger clothes.

Wear dark clothes, because the will give the illusion of a slimmer figure. The black color can define your body, giving you a slimmer look and hiding some parts. Also, avoid color combinations. Clothes in solid colors will make you look slimmer. However, you can choose clothes with vertical stripes, which will give you a slimmer and longer look, as opposed to the horizontal stripes, which will make you look fat.

Do not wear too loose clothes. It may seem that they can hide the extra fat, but you can’t fool anybody this way. Instead, wear fitted clothes. Also, avoid wearing too tight clothes, since they highlight the extra fat, making more visible all the wrong places.


If you have a wider waistline, avoid adding extras and accessories to that area. Belts, pleated pants, elastic waist or string waist will only make you look fat, so avoid them as much as possible. Choose pants, which cover your shoes. This will make you look slimmer and taller.

Tunics are a great suggestion, because they are very trendy this season and can hide the extra fat around your waist.

If you have a thin waist, but wider hips, you should avoid wearing tight fitting shirts, since they will only highlight the difference between the top and the bottom part. Instead, choose tops that cover your hips. They will give you a slimmer look. An ideal option is to wear a tunic and high heels. The heels will make you look taller and slimmer. Try the combination of lighter color for the tunic and dark stockings. You can also accessorize the upper part more to draw the attention away from the bottom part.


When you go out shopping for clothes, you should be patient and try on different combinations to find the right clothes for your figure. There are trendy clothes for every body type.



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