Celebrate Graduation Day with Graduation Dress

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You must ever felt of graduation day. Graduation day is the day that you finally finished all school things. Actually, graduation day party is similar with prom night, prom night just popular name. The feeling that usually felt by most people are feel relieved and free. Because we are going to next level or maybe will going to some working world. Excited and worry at once time. Normally, after have graduation, people are going to celebrate it and make some party. And the party, as we know is called prom night. In that graduation day, we of course wear special attire for it like a graduation dress.

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Maybe there is a little different between graduation dress with prom dress. Because I think, graduation dress is a dress the worn in graduation event. And the prom dress is worn in prom night. Little different but almost the same kind of dress. Some women or girls are will be noise to talk about the graduation dresses that will they worn. They even do not thinking of theirs last test scores. It just generally happen in graduation day. Maybe all students do not care whether they graduate or not. Maybe, in their head is just how to look perfect in a graduation day.

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And no wonder, if girls will feel busy to choose the graduation dress long before the event be held. That is too cute to seen by parents. Some girls will making some schedule with their friend to going to mall and buy some graduation day needed. They will try many kinds of dresses, and buy the one perfect dress for them. I even remember how excited I was and my friends were. Especially if the venue of the graduation event is great and there are live music and dance party.