Bridal accessories with pearls and crystals

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Planning your wedding day is not an easy task. There are many details you need to consider. That’s what the wedding planners and all the relatives are for. And that’s what we’re here for. With this post, we will try to help you choose the bridal accessories.

It is usually not recommended to add too many bridal accessories to your wedding dress, because the main focus should be on the dress itself. However, hair accessories are a must. You have many options to choose from. It is best to consider the formality and style of the wedding and the design of the wedding dress. We would suggest choosing a hair clip with crystals or a headband with pearls. These two elements are an ideal choice for bridal accessories. The will enhance the beauty of your hairstyle in a classic and stylish way.

hair accessories

crystal hair accessories

When you think of bridal accessories, you cannot skip the earrings. Depending on your hairstyle, they may not be visible, but every bride wears earrings. The pieces you choose should be understated, so that they won’t draw the attention from your wedding dress. A pair of pearl studs or dangled, adorned with crystals are a great choice. You may choose earrings that match your hair accessories or the rest of the jewelry you plan to wear.

pearl studs

crystal dangles

The necklace is another popular item among the bridal accessories. The style of your wedding dress will determine whether you should wear a necklace or not. However, if you’re going to wear a necklace, choose a simple, understated piece, which won’t clash with the design and decorations of the dress. A single strand of pearls or a delicate crystal necklace is a great choice. These will gently adorn your neck, without looking too flashy.

pearl necklace

crystal necklace

There are many stunning jewelry pieces, which you can use as bridal accessories. However, be careful with your choice. You want to look elegant and stylish on the most memorable day in your life.



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