Breast Tips

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Many women don’t like their breasts but in reality all men like them. It doesn’t matter whether they are too small, too big or start sagging, there are many ways to highlight your bust.


 Many men look at the women’s breasts as an amazing creation of nature but in fact a breast is actually composed of fat tissue, mammary glands and muscles. The tendons that support the breast aren’t very strong, so sagging is inevitable. They constantly stretch if wearing inappropriate bra as 83% of all women do. Pregnancy, lactation, age and weight also have negative effects and can lead to saggy breasts. It is important to know that nothing except surgery can change the shape of your breast.


Your bra should fit you. If it’s too loose then you need a smaller size. If it’s too tight then its cups are too small. If you have marks from the straps, then look for a bra with a smaller circumference and bigger cups. If your boobs show under the bra strap, then you need another one with larger cups.