Bohemian Style Clothing

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Bohemian or boho style is an on-trend fashion style. Could not be called a new trend, maybe more like happening trend fashion. Bohemian or boho style is kind of unique style, because, this style is a combination of ethnic, hippie, vintage, and gipsy styles. I think it is a really interesting style than the other style. If you ever seen hippies people, maybe you could rather understand what is bohemian style clothing looks like. Because, actually, between hippie and bohemian is rather similar style, even though not exactly the same. So if you still curious about this style, check this article out.

Bohemian Style Calothing Men

Bohemian style clothing is popular among the women. Women exactly always update their appearance through the happening fashion style. Sometimes women just follow the trend fashion style without think whether it suitable or nor for them. But, actually is still fine, provide that you could still good with your happening style clothing. Bohemian style clothing is feature the headband, long ethnic dresses, unique accessories, boots, and leather handbag. Maybe I do not know exactly what the different between bohemian and hippie style, but for me, hippie style is more casual and not care at all about mix and matching and good looking appearance. Hippie just a free spirit style that do not like rules, include rules of fashion. They just got their style with they wore.

Bohemian Style Clothing

Bohemian Clothing

Bohemian clothing style  is feature the unique wear, accessories,  and clothing like scarf, vest, stone rings, knitting clothes, rope bracelet, beads accessories, and some leather footwear or rope sandals. And the interesting from this style is how we should smart to mix and matching those clothes and accessories become a really good style. I think bohemian style is all about mix and matching the unique and vintage clothing and accessories. So what are you waiting for? Open your wardrobe and get some stylist combination.