Big Cushion Engagement Ring for Proposal

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The stage of human being life is born, child, teenage, adult, married, having family, and died. Almost of people want life together with the person who they loved in marriage. Though, not all of people are thinking about that. But most people want to accompanied with lovely person until the rest of their life. One stage toward to marriage is engagement. Engagement is a bond before the marriage. But, for several people, engagement is not really important, they can just directly going to married. And proposal is a must stage, when a person want to asking somebody to married him or her. Mostly people are propose their lover with give a engagement ring. One of the most favorite engagement ring is big cushion engagement ring.

Cushion Engagement Rings

Big cushion engagement ring is one kind of engagement ring that has a big cushion as a ring ornament. The model and style of the cushion are variety, but the most favorite is still diamond cushion. But for this kind cushion engagement ring, a person have to pay a big cost for this. Because the price is not cheap at all. You have to prepare the big budget to propose the person who you loved with big cushion engagement ring. Maybe it usually bought by some rich men or a millionaire men.

Big Cushion Engagement Ring

Cushion Diamond Ring

Big cushion engagement ring such a fancy proposal ring that can be worn by women. Who is women is does not like ring with a big cushion? Almost women are like. Trust me. So, if you want your proposal to accepted, just going to jewelry shop to buy an engagement ring that has a big one cushion with diamond. I guarantee that your lover will directly say yes to get married with you. But for you that have a limited budget, do not worry, because there is still lots of unique engagement ring for your proposal.