Annual Special Event: Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is a annual event that celebrated by most people in America. Thanksgiving precisely held on the fourth Thursday every November. Usually the Americans enjoyed by families with turkey dishes. This is called traditional thanksgiving dinner. Traditional thanksgiving dinner is a dinner in special event like thanksgiving that is a traditional heritage with the traditional menu. Thanksgiving tradition stems from a story that originated from England, UK. Around the year 1609, some of the pilgrims left England due to religious persecution or torture, they are going to move to the Netherlands to seek religious freedom. You could also searching or browsing the exact and complete history of thanksgiving.

Traditional Italian Thanksgiving Dinner

Menu that usually served at traditional thanksgiving dinner is turkey dishes. The turkey is usually roasted with many kinds of herbs that could make the turkey is taste good. The Turkey usually ate with cranberry sauce. And the other dish that served in traditional thanksgiving events are potato puree, corn on the cob, Halloween pumpkin pie leftovers, and many kinds variety of fall vegetables. And during the thanksgiving dinner, people usually told about their good and kind story that they ever had. Thanksgiving is such a occasion or event for family gathering.

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Sides

The dining table of traditional thanksgiving dinner usually full with many kind and variety of delicious thanksgiving dishes. Thanksgiving become a moment for people to be grateful for all the blessing and the goodness that they have earned. While have a dinner, they then tell each other about their good experiences that they have earned. It caused this event is appear annual, so every people are doing their best to spare their time to have this traditional thanksgiving dinner. They try the best for gathering with family and exchanging news and good story. Thanksgiving is a national holiday for American people.