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In this article we would like to present to you the world renowned visual artist Ilian Rachov and his amazing artwork. We will take a look at his stunning, elegant and fashionable clothing pieces. But first a few words on the artist himself.

Ilian Rachov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He starts his career as a self-taught artist, realizing copies of medieval orthodox icons and frescoes. He uses  ancient techniques of gilding methods, combined with his modern views to develop his own personal and unmistakable style. Many of his icons and oil paintings are properties of museums and churches, as well as numerous private collections around the world.From 2003 till 2006 he creates for Versace and Versace Home Collection. During his artistic career, Ilian participates in many exhibitions, realizes numerous projects and appears in various television shows. You can visit Ilian Rachov’s official website: or find him on Facebook and the bigger social networks.

Here you can see some amazing hand painted and handmade leather jackets. One of these jackets could be the centerpiece of your collection of rocker jackets. Wear this piece of clothing with pride and show it off to all your friends.

hand painted leather jacket

hand made leather jacket

hand made leather jacket

Another item to add to your collection is a pair of unique, hand painted art shoes. With the variety of choice, you can easily find a pair that matches one of the jackets in this collection. These amazing shoes will complete your look and add boldness to your personal clothing style.

hand painted men's shoes

hand made women's shoes

You can also check out the art T-shirt collection by Ilian Rachov. The design of these T-shirts can easily match even more casual clothing styles. A designer T-shirt is simply a must-have for any fashion addict.

art t-shirt collection

Don’t forget to check Ilian Rachov’s website for more ideas for inspired outfits or simply to keep track of his newest suggestions.



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