All hands up for Gucci’s feather dress

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This year’s summer end is marked by an amazing fashion tornado – Gucci’s feather dress. It will take me ages if I have to innumerate the magazines that had the piece of beauty on their covers or the number of celebrities, which used the model to impress their fans.
It is true though that the masterpiece needed some time to turn into the block-buster that it is now! The model and the idea behind it were first introduced during the Fashion Week in Milan. The dress was spotted and remarked on immediately by the leading fashion gurus; however its true rise was not until the fashion magazines started using it as a leading cover image! However, what really shot the feather dress in the stars is by all means the overwhelming photo flow of celebrities wearing different makes of the garment.


So, let us touch briefly on a few examples of this fashion-shaping prodigy!
Jennifer Lopez set the pace, when the first magazine feather-dress cover came out in August. She was quickly followed by Carly Klos – the top model that made a stunning photo session for Vogue’s august edition. Vogue however opted for a different make of the feather dress – the feathers formed a part of the skirt, while the satin black top, the Dior jewelry and Jimmy Choo’s handbag just made the perfect combo!


Harper’s Bazaar Us is definitely keeping the pace – take a look at their September issue and you will be stunned by the smile of Sarah Jessica Parker. The fashion icon is wearing a blue Gucci feather dress which just seems made for her body! Sarah is widely known for her flair for extravagant fashion, so the fact that she chose exactly this piece of clothing speaks for itself!