Caribbean style wedding dress

The wedding day is the one of most important days in a woman’s life. That’s why you should choose the perfect wedding dress for the ceremony. Since a lot of weddings now take place on exotic locations, we have decided to show you what a Caribbean style wedding dress should look like. Getting married on […]

White wedding suit for men

Unlike women, men are usually less fussy when it comes to clothing, but you must spend time and choose the right wedding suit. Choosing the perfect wedding suit is an important part of the wedding plan. You wedding is one of the most important days of your life and it is highly expected that you […]

Winter wedding accessories

Most weddings are usually scheduled during all other seasons apart from winter. Summer weddings get all the glory, where the strapless dress can keep you beautiful and warm enough. During the winter, you’ll have to play around with some accessories. Keeping warm is vital and necessary for a winter wedding, but the season also allows […]

Wedding jewelry for the bride

On the wedding day everyone’s eyes are on the bride. That’s why the bride must look her best – the dress, the accessories and the hair should be perfect. In this article we will give your some tips how to choose the bridal jewelry for your wedding day. The style of your dress is the […]